Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hitting the Ten Ring

Introducing the Ten Ring
This is a new blog, well duh. There are two of us trying this thing out, this form of self-expression. I should make an introduction and the best way to do that is the famous journalist credo of who, what, where, why, and when. We are not finished with blog rolls, pictures and other things, so give us time and we will see what it is like in a week.

Who are we?
Well, first there is me. My name is Denise and I am rapidly moving into middle age--hell, I'm well past the threshold. In fact, my fiftieth birthday is staring me in the face and I am not happy about it at all.

Then there is Bill. He is ten years younger than me. His fortieth birthday is staring him in the face and he is only a little less perturbed than me.

Age in and of itself does not bother either of us. For me, it is the closing down of options. I feel I can't just pick up stakes and move to the next thing. The next job, city, apartment. I've always been restless--now I have to accrue years for a pension or I will end up fighting my cat for his dry cat food. Speaking for Bill, he is just now feeling the closing down of options.

Now, don't get us wrong. We have good lives.

What sets this blog apart?
Well, for one thing we will be talking a lot about firearms. We collect, shoot, repair, and do everything except make guns. We even do bullseye shooting and love it when our bullets hit the ten ring.

At this point, you are thinking, not another gun blog. Well this is not just another gun blog. I am a recovering liberal. The Democrats drove me out of the party with their stands on gun control. Bill is and always was an unrepentant member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Talk about dating problems when we first met. I saw his copies of Rush Limbaugh's books and about had an attack of the vapors. He listened to my rants about the eviiillllll Republicans and wondered what he was getting himself into.

So, you would think that Bill would be the gun nut and I would have been a charter member of the Million Mommie March. Bet you were thinking that, huh? Nope, I fired my first gun when I was eight years old, got my first rifle when I turned thirteen and never turned back.

Bill shot guns in Boy Scouts and then in the Air Force, but it bothered him that I kept a loaded 9mm in the nightstand. He thought I might shoot him in the dark night. I turned him to the light and he is as avid about firearm issues as I am.

So that is why we think we are different from other gun blogs--a liberal teaching a conservative how to love guns. Who'd have thunk it?

Where are we?
We both live in New Hampshire, although we're originally from the West. I met Bill in the great Lone Star State of Texas. We moved here for my job. We love New Hampshire (except in the winter), but we want to get back to Texas just as soon as we can.

Why write a Blog?
We read blogs a lot and thought why not throw our hats in the ring. I like to write and Bill turns a mean phrase. Maybe you might like what we write. Maybe not. Such is life.

When will the blog end?
Who knows. I can't promise we are in this for the long haul. We have seen bloggers come and go and we hope to post often, but we offer no guarantees. Take us or leave us.

So that is us. Hope to see you later.

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