Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gun Bans in Condos?

In a comment, to this post JayG congratulated Bill and I on buying a new home. It’s a condo and he wisely mentioned that we should make damn sure there are no condo association restrictions on gun ownership.

Of course, we'd read the condo documents and the contract religiously looking for just such a clause. We didn’t find one although there is a restriction on illegal, immoral, and obnoxious activities. There are people who find gun ownership obnoxious and somehow immoral. They certainly want to make it illegal. Of course, that clause is so encompassing it could be used to restrict an unmarried couple’s night time activities or even owning a dog.

When I read JayG’s comment, I had to look at all the documents again in a minor panic. I had to read them again to make sure I hadn’t missed a tiny little sentence in a little tiny paragraph tucked away in an onslaught of legalese. Still nothing about guns. I sighed and felt better for having double-checked it.

Then it struck me. I live in New Hampshire and I’m an American. Why do I fear that such a clause is in the documents? Why should anyone even think someone else could write a statement that takes away a human right, my right?

The answer is because there are people who have gotten away with infringing on our rights. There are cities like Washington, D.C. and suburbs like Morton Grove, Illinois that have banned handguns from more than just condos. They've taken away rights to handguns for everyone.

Condo managers and dwellers see these broad laws and feel they can get away with their restrictions. I wouldn’t be surprised if Massachusetts and other gun-fearing states have many condos with anti-gun restrictions.

We have come to the point that our fellow citizens can ban our ownership of a machine. We’ve come so far because we’ve let the bastards win.

It’s time to get behind the District of Columbia Personal Protection Act. Let’s make these unconstitutional bans fall. Seeing these changes, condo boards would fall in line and get rid of their restrictions or never pass them at all. Time to start rolling back as many gun laws, regulations, and bans as we can.

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